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采购内容 标题: 找到几个轻工业用品的资料,不知是否对大家有用Mr. Greg Black>Storktrans Wholesalers Pty LtdPO Box 362 NSW / Narallen Australia Tel: 61 - 2 - 46476866Fax: 61 - 2 - 46476566>>Email: <A href="mailto:storkbiz@bluebottle.com storkbiz@bluebottle.com>Products or Services: Furniture &amp; Furnishings/Home Decor/Photo &amp; Picture Frame>>Business InterestsWe're a wholesaler/distributor for oil paintings &amp; frames in Australia, in the past,most of these items came from Korea. Now, we're in the mind of purchasing through China for: Wooden Frame/Moulding for oil painting. The serious suppliers are welcome, pls contact us with your info together with quotation.>>装饰品进口商>合作意向寻找中国的生产商制造油画用框架及模具。>>>>>>>Mr. Raza Iqbal>UK General Supplies Ltd>31 East Walk, Hayes, Middlesex Hayes / London United Kingdom >Tel: 44 - 20 - 85614796Fax: 07958707774 / 44 - 20 - 85614796>>Email: <A href="mailto:warnerclose@hotmail.com warnerclose@hotmail.com>Products or Services: Packaging &amp; Paper/Paper &amp; Paper Products/Craft Paper>Business Interests>We are pleased to infirm that we are looking Kraft Paper size 70,80,90 &amp; 200-250gr so we are looking Manufacture from China, Indonesia, Korea. Russia, Europe to quote us FOB &amp; C&amp;F Bombay prices per MT.>>牛皮纸进口商>合作意向>寻找尺寸70,80,90及200到250克的牛皮纸生产商。请提供每公吨孟买FOB及C&amp;F报价。>>Mr. JUSTIN MERRETTAbel Australia320 Racecourse Rd Victoria / Fleminington Australia Tel: 61 - 03 - 93768666Fax: 61 - 03 - 93762662Email: <A href="mailto:enquires@abelflagpoles-flags.com.au enquires@abelflagpoles-flags.com.au>>http://WWW.ABELFLAGPOLES-FLAGS.COM.AUProducts or Services: Gifts &amp; Crafts/Promotion Gifts>Business Interests>We are seeking a manufacturer in China for screen dye printed flags, digital printed flags, fully sewn and appliqued flags Prices on miniumum quantities and larger quantities >Digital: Restrictions on design? >>Screen printed: Stipple &amp; thin lines &amp; half tones? >>We require quick turn around >>Material:100% woven polyester &amp; knitted polyester >Quality stitching Packing in individual bags and labelled What format do you require for your printing and art? >>Upmost we require quality printing >工艺品制造商合作意向寻找丝网印刷、数码印刷、密缝及贴花标记制造商。>>>Mr. Yakov Neizler>Rolimp Ltd>81-2, Tverskaya Str Tomsk Russian Federation >Tel: 7 - 3822 - 527444>Fax: 7 - 3822 - 527444Email: <A href="mailto:bearings@rolimp.ru bearings@rolimp.ru>>Products or Services: Home Supplies/Lighters &amp; Smoking>Business InterestsOur company, rolimp ltd, located in Russia is looking for supplier of piezo lighters from China. Please quote your full range of piezo lighters. Your price-list with pictures will be highly appreciated.>打火机进口商>合作意向>求购PIEZO打火机。请提供报价单及产品图片。>>>Mr. Alfredo Laria>Lleu Trade &amp; Hardware, Co., Ltd.>Turismo, St,4 5 D Asturias / Cangas De Onis Spain >>Tel: 34 - 985 - 947108>Fax: 34 - 985 - 849550Email: <A href="mailto:alfredolaria@hotmail.com alfredolaria@hotmail.com>http://www.azulgres.com>Products or Services: Furniture &amp; Furnishings/Outdoor Furniture/Garden &amp; Patio Furniture/Outdoor Umbrellas &amp; Bases>>Business Interests>We are looking for a company, manufacturer of garden seat, tables, garden benchs, garden umbrellas, parasols, etc.. in teak, or similar wood. >>We have some customers as hotels, campings, restaurants interested in this kind of products. Also for individual sales.Possible for promotion businnes. We will be at China, (Shanghai) from 05-22. We could contact you in your company. >>户外设施进口商>合作意向寻找柚木或类似质地的花园座位、桌、花园长椅、花园雨伞、阳伞等制造商。>>>>>Mr. A Shivalachi>Intuit International Ltd>Unit 8,5 Stonefiled Way Middlesex / South Ruislip United Kingdom >>Tel: 44 - 208 - 845 0753>>Fax: 44 - 208 - 8453657>Email: <A href="mailto:sales@x-print.co.uk sales@x-print.co.ukhttp://www.x-printc.co.uk>Products or Services: Furniture &amp; Furnishings/Commercial Furniture/Office Furniture/Others>Business Interests>Looking for furniture suppliers in China and far east. >>We are looking to source: Domestic: >Chairs >Sofas, leather, cloth and PVC >>Dining tables (real wood and marble) Coffee tables >>Telephone seats >>Lighting >Cupboards Other domestic furniture Office: Tables(realwood) >Chairs(leatherand pvc) >Conference tables(realwood) >Partition tables >Kitchen office tables >>Stools >Office lighting >>Office glass partitions >>Boss desks >Normal desks >Other office furniture >>Leather seats >Please send email with FOB prices and pictures. Please also send printed catalogue to us by air mail so that we can see products. >家居及办公设施进口商>合作意向>寻找家具提供商。家居用具:椅,沙发,皮革,织物,聚氯乙稀,餐桌(天然木头及大理石质地),咖啡桌,电话座位,照明设备,食橱及其他家具。>>办公用具:桌(天然木),椅(皮革或PVC),会议桌(天然木),分隔式办公桌,茶水间桌,凳子,办公照明设备,办公室玻璃隔断,总裁办公桌,标准办公桌及其他办公设施。皮椅。请提供FOB价及产品目录图片等。>>>Mr. David YergophPeak Eyewear And Trade Co., Ltd>Lamson Rd London United Kingdom >Tel: 44 - 12 - 28843120Fax: 44 - 12 - 28843123>Email: <A href="mailto:yergoph@gmail.com yergoph@gmail.comProducts or Services: Timepieces, Jewelry, Eyewear/Eyewear/Eyewear Accessories/Eyeglass Care Products>Business Interests>I want to know if China facotry have this attached products for glasses tool, for long time cooperation.玻璃制品进口商>合作意向寻找玻璃制品长期供应商。>>>>>Mr. Eaton BrownPipex Direct Marketing Co., LetMacksons Ltd 270 Kilburn High Road U. K / Lodon >Tel: 44 - 2083 - 063802>>Fax: 44 - 2083 - 063806>Email: <A href="mailto:pipex_direct@yahoo.co.uk pipex_direct@yahoo.co.uk>Products or Services: Home Supplies/Kitchenware/Kitchen Accessories>Business InterestsWe are interesting in buying the Hand Juicers and Kitchen Gadget Sets,we already imported these items from China,I hope you can offer me a most competitive price. >Please offer me prices,specifications,delivery time,MOQ of YB-03B,YB-07,YB-E08,YB-X08. >>厨房用品进口商合作意向求购手工榨汁机及炊具套件。请提供型号为YB-03B,YB-07,YB-E08,YB-X08的报价、明细,发货时间等。>>>>Ms. Nancy NelsonTwd Enterprises18151 Settlers Way Minnesota, USA / Eden Prairie,55347 United States >Tel: 011 - 612 - 963-5313>Fax: 011 - 952 - 934-0707>>Email: <A href="mailto:nancy@nancynelson.com nancy@nancynelson.comProducts or Services: Luggage, Bags &amp; Cases/Sports &amp; Leisure Bags/Tote Bags>Business Interests>When in Thailand and also in the wholesale district in new york, I purchased many beaded handbags, bags covered with buttons, and larger shoulder totes in beautiful fabrics and tapestry, some beaded, some metallic. The label on them, in both Thailand and the us indicated made in China and it said: In's classic style. I am looking for the manufacturer of these bags to purchase wholesale so that I can sell them on the television shopping networks in the us. Thank you 服装配饰进口商>合作意向>求购珠饰手袋,纽扣口袋,优质织锦大号肩包。珠饰或金属质地。>>>>>Ms. Bonnie GummoePainted Pinto Post>12820 S. E.81st Ct Florida / Summerfield United States >Tel: 1 - 352 - 307-4494>>Fax: 1 - 352 - 245-2231Email: <A href="mailto:bgummoe@netzero.net bgummoe@netzero.net>>Products or Services: Gifts &amp; Crafts/Resinic Crafts>Business Interests>I am looking for "the trail of painted ponies" these are collectable gifts. Each horse is painted different. >They are made of resin or ceramic. >I would like to order wholesale from the company that makes these figurines in China. 装饰品进口商合作意向>求购彩色小型马。质地为树脂或陶瓷。>>>>>Mr. Mike Dolbec>Botanical Silk Accents Inc.3521 Memorial Hwy North Dakota / Mandan United States >Tel: 1 - 701 - 6679570>>Fax: 1 - 701 - 6679572>>Email: <A href="mailto:sales@botanicalsilk.com sales@botanicalsilk.com>>http://www.botanicalsilk.com>Products or Services: Furniture &amp; Furnishings/Home Decor/Artificial Plants &amp; Flowers>>Business Interests>We are looking for factories in China that can produce premade artificial floral arrangements and greenery baskets. We currently sell to many large chain stores in the USA market and are in need of new items and ideas to sell in the line of artificial botanicals. We are only looking for premade items that are fully assembled and ready for the end user. >装饰物进口商>合作意向>求购假花及草篮现货。寻找更多人工植物存货供应商。>>>>Mr. Lorens ChengLiberty Global Group1852 Langley Avenue California / Irvine United States >Tel: 1 - 949 - 7685110Fax: 1 - 949 - 8556436Email: <A href="mailto:lcheng@libertyglobal.com lcheng@libertyglobal.com>Products or Services: Home Supplies/Tableware/Chopsticks>Business Interests>We are currently seeking a manufacturer in China who produces colored plastic chopsticks. We are looking for the following plain pastel colors: green, pink, yellow and sky blue. Attached is a picture of what this product looks like. Please email me if your company can provide this for me. Please note that I am only looking for already existing items that are in stock. >餐具进口商合作意向>求购彩色塑料筷。颜色:绿、粉、黄、天蓝。寻找现货。>>>Mr. Leo Kcheng>Sunstar (Holdings) INC.402s 186th, Seatac Washington / Seattle United States >Tel: 1 - 852 - 61730388>>Fax: 1 - 852 - 61730388>Email: <A href="mailto:sunstar888usa@yahoo.com sunstar888usa@yahoo.com>Products or Services: Office Supplies/Presentation Equipment &amp; Supplies/Boards &amp; EaselsBusiness Interests>We have very interested in purchase "OEM" Chinese set of magnetic white board and stationary tools (10pe prices/6pcs), pls to open attach file and under it quote your best competitiv price to us by e-mail. >文具进口商合作意向>求购OEM磁性白板及文具,请提供报价。